Webstore Synced with a Warehouse Control

Webstore in sync with Your company

Your sales data can be synced in real time: webstore and your sales teams see the same data on products. In this way you get exact control of the inventory!

You can select which products you have only in your warehouse and which can be sold.

Offer more to your webstore clients

You can offer to your webstore customers extra products based on what they have already added into their shopping basket (cross-selling feature).

You can also suggest other models of the item by showing to the visitors more expensive products from your warehouse database (upselling feature).

Bored with your Product Pages?

You can easily create custom product pages to showcase your items in a unique way. Different products may need different amount of information, so you can tailor any product page if the standard elements are not enough.

You can have multiple product images for each product, or you can add a banner for a product or its category. 

Do You have an ERP already but can't showcase your Products?

Depending your current system, you may have all what you need, except a way to showcase or sell your products. We can integrate your current system to a webstore or to a product catalogue.

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